Stay far far away from this place. The customer service with this company is horrible and that's putting it nicely. I have never been treated so horrible like I have by Dealathons.

I purchased a coupon to use at a local business to use from this dealathons website. Something went wrong with the merchant and I was let down by their service. When I called I was expecting the person to at least listen to my concerns at dealathons, but instead of listening to my concern the rep only insulted me for redeeming the voucher in the first place. I was told by "David M." that it was too bad that I didn't have a good experience with the company I bought the voucher for. The website for dealathons refund policy states: "At Dealathons we strive to offer the best experience for our subscribers. We also understand that life happens, so we offer a 14 day refund policy on all of our deals, but remember that most of our deals don't expire so just hold on to it until you are ready to use it. "Dealathons stands behind every business featured on our site. Our mission is to offer our subscribers the best their city has to offer. We expect our subscribers to be treated well and to have a positive experience. If for whatever reason you feel you did not receive the services offered by the voucher you purchased or you were treated unfairly, please contact Dealathons at 416 461 4552 or email us at support@dealathons.com and we will do our best to resolve the matter."

The person even repeated the same refund policy on the site as we spoke. Everything I asked he countered as if I was personally attacking him. He said that he could not refund me as it would take away from Dealathons profits. They say they stand behind the businesses they promote but that is not true at all. This David M person said he was "the one and only working there". Turns out this David M is listed as the CEO as well for this company which truly now shows how the company is run. I will not be purchasing anything from this site again nor recommend it to anyone ever!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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whatever happened to the customer is always right?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #736889

I also have a complaint about Dealathon , I purchased a set of beats by Dre Bluetooth speaker , it has been 2 months now , David was getting back to my emails at first but in the last or so not even was replied to me, I tried to get a refund from paypal but it's too late for that as well , I'm starting to think that I got ripped off by them


Hi and thank you for making this public. After insulting two of my support workers with vulgur and offensive language, I had no choice as the CEO, but to get involved.

This customer had already redeemed the voucher.

Due to this, we cannot refund a used voucher since the merchant has to be paid.

In this case we did offer a good will $15 credit and a free massage but it seems that was not enough. We tried to work something out with this customer, even though they redeemed the full service, but this customer was only interested in yelling curses and insults.

to David Mag***inich Toronto, Ontario, Canada #736891

Hi David ,I have emailed you numerous times in the past week or so and I have yet to receive a response from you regarding my beats by Dre speaker , I don't have them and my money is gone

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